Zhejiang Fang Di Household Products Co., LTD


Company profile

ZHEJIANG FUNDAY HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS CO., LTD  was founded in June 2016, the registered capital of 10 million. The company has always been the spirit of excellence, and the concept of perfection as the driving force for development. The company adhere to independent design, independent research and development oriented, and gradually formed its own brand style, "LLG", "CANDERFUL" and other brands. Every brand is loved by more and more customers.

The company is on the road of development, here I want to say: thanks to the domestic and foreign buyers, for your products strictly promote our products more mature, more perfect; thanks to the domestic and foreign suppliers, your high quality materials is the foundation of our products; for our society, only the pursuit of quality and environment, so that we can according to our idea to produce high-quality products, special thanks to the American FCF has been the support and encouragement.

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